Clipster Cordless Sheep & Dirty Cattle Clippers

£220.00 (£264.00 incl VAT)

Clipster FarmClipper Akku2 Schaf



Clipster FarmClipper Akku2 Schaf

The perfect supplement to the FarmClipper range – the battery-operated sheep shearing machine with a strong 14.4 volts

• anywhere cable operation is not possible and for special applications for sheep and/or cattle shearing under extreme conditions

• due to the high power reserves of the 14.4 V battery with 2000 mAh, the FarmClipper Akku2 can shear for up to 90 minutes

• the second battery included in the supplied package ensures uninterrupted shearing operation

• the next generation, lithium ion batteries provide reliable performance without losses or memory effect

• the sleek shape and the balanced weight ensures fatigue-free operation


incl. replacement battery


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