Heating Plate CosyHeat for chicks



After hatching, chicks have a high need for warmth and warm themselves under the plumage of the mother hen. Heat builds up under the feathers and the chicks enjoy the cosy temperature.

The CosyHeat heating plate works in the same way.

The chicks hatch under the plate and rest in the cosy warmth underneath. They can snuggle right up to the plate. The plate also radiates heat downwards, creating an accumulation of warmth.

The temperature can be easily and continuously adapted to the heat needs of the chicks using a knob on the plate.

An integrated thermostat ensures a constant temperature underneath the plate.

It heats up until its reaches the required temperature and then maintains it.

As the heating plate does not heat constantly, it is more energy efficient than conventional radiant heaters.

With its height-adjustable legs, the heating plate is easy to adjust to the size of the chicks.

• for rearing chicks

• suitable for various poultry breeds

• also suitable for beginners and hobby farmers

• height-adjustable legs

• temperature is adjusted using the integrated knob

• Insulation for targeted heat dissipation downwards

• energy-saving and more efficient than conventional radiant heaters

• safe 24 V operation

• with power pack for connection to a 230 V power supply


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